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shanti shea is a small business based in Austin, Texas, catering to the health-conscious and socially responsible consumer.

Our body butters combine wild-crafted shea butter with organic coconut oil, natural preservatives and healing essential oils.

We have a variety of natural skin care products. Shea butter, the main ingredient, has been used for centuries in Africa.

Shea butter has protective and emollient properties that are valued in skin care for protecting against climate (UV), soothing chapped skin, and preventing wrinkles.

Shea butter enhances cell regeneration and capillary circulation.

The protective, anti-aging and moisturizing properties of shea butter come from its high natural vitamin A and E content and its unique fatty acid profile.

We're delivering natural goodness in an elegant package. . . and it's fair trade!

Browse through our products to see the various ways we have prepared shea butter to be most useful to you.